Bargain – Wedding Planner for a portion of the price

The wedding planner inside me wants to tell you about a seriously life changing service I offer at ‘rs Wedding Consultants’ but the blogger part of me doesn’t want to sales pitch you this early in the morning. So instead, one of my lovely, wonderful, super excellent bride’s has volunteered to tell you how she … Continue reading

Top 13 Wedding Cake Planning Tips

Tip #1 Peggy from Peggy Porschen: Go with your first instinct, don’t try and please everyone as its impossible, just be true to yourself and your vision for the day. Follow your heart rather than your head. Tip #2 Don’t forget to bring along colour swatches to your design meetings. What you might consider to … Continue reading

Wedding Cake Tips by Expert Janet Mohapi-Banks

  Janet Mohapi-Banks reveals her top tips for choosing your Wedding Cake. A delightful insight into the Cake Designers world. If I had to give just two pieces of advice about buying your perfect wedding cake it would come under the heading of Taste and Quality. Cake is first and foremost for eating, so there is little … Continue reading

The Art of the Napkin

Has it ever dawned on you that even the simplest things can make the biggest impact? Think about how many guests you have .. a small decor change such as sprucing up your napkins can speak volumes when they cover the tables throughout the venue. Source, Source, Source, Source

Bridal Clinic

Q. “My budget is very small but I want my guests to have the time of their lives! What do I do?” – Adelle, Wedding Date September 2010 A. Hi Adelle, firstly it is important for you as a couple to decide which part of the wedding is the most important aspect. Is it the Ceremony? … Continue reading

Linking Smells to your Wedding Day Forever!

    The Idea Whether you know it or not, we try so hard to capture our wedding day for eternity. As one of the most happiest and true days of our lives; we have photo’s and video’s and try to our upmost best to keep hold of those feelings, and keep it as close … Continue reading

Bridal Clinic!

Q – “My fiancé and I have two different images in our heads for our wedding day. How do we reach a compromise?” – Nicola, Wedding Date December 2010 A – Well the important part is that you want to reach a compromise. That’s step one! You both need to sit down and discuss who is … Continue reading

Top Tips for Wedding Planning Bliss!!

As our first blog entry at rs weddings, we thought we should start by giving some very straightforward advice on the start of a wedding planning process – just to mark the beginning of a whirlwind flame that is our blog. Here are our 5 top tips for achieving greatness, or rather staying sane: 1. … Continue reading

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