Top 10 Tips on your pretty pretty Wedding Flowers

Some fabulous Wedding flower top tips for you this Monday. The start of a great week ahead!! Hope you enjoy and please comment, I love hearing feedback xx Image Source 1, Image Source 2 Susanna from Tiger Rose: 1. Do some research before you meet with your florist, find out which flowers you like and whether they … Continue reading

Pretty Spectacular Flower Arrangements

These flower arrangements are pretty Darn impressive! They are perfect for the Church, the table centerpieces or even by the entrance to mark the first visual point your guests see. Having a great focal point whether it’s at the altar, by the entrance or at every seating row at the church, makes a whole world of … Continue reading

What does your Bouquet say about you?

Whether you like small, medium or extravagant bouquets – there is something out there for everyone. Real flowers, origami and silk with embellishments of crystals, feathers, wire and so much more. Its hard to not think anything is possible! The Sky’s the limit!

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