Pre-wedding Beauty Treatments

Image Credit Having glowing, rejuvenated skin, that glistens (not in the Twilight kind of way), radiates and truly empowers you as a bride is what will make you walk down that aisle with such confidence. Each photograph of the wedding day will be imaculate and flawless and absolutely perfect. What a cherry on top! Getting your skin … Continue reading

{Vera Wang Spring 2012 Collection} “You don’t alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera”

Vera Wang, a native New Yorker has been changing the face of bridal gowns one dress at a time since 1990 with the opening of her first flagship store. Since then Vera has changed Couture fashion, changed fashion itself and most eloquently … Bridal Fashion. Below we meet Hilary, Hayley, Helena, Holly, Hazel, Harlow, Hannah … Continue reading

The Twilight Extravaganza, Breaking Dawn, the wedding, the design, the dress …

If you have been to the cinema and seen the latest Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 1, you will have seen the wedding scene in its full glory. You cannot deny that Bella Swan, the fictitious character from the remarkably successful Twilight movies, makes a beautiful bride, awkwardness aside.  So lets get onto the wedding, the juicy stuff!! … Continue reading

{Picture of the Day} Autumn Church Ceremony Set up

Can you imagine being in this beautifully set up room, sheltered by autumn trees and a rouge ambience. The moment that bride steps on that aisleway is the moment she takes your breathe away! Hope you enjoy this little piece of heaven .. Image Source Stay inspired. Rachyeta xxx

{Real Wedding} Creating depth to a photo is a photographer who knows no bounds

“Gary is a multi award-winning photographer and recognised as one of the most stylish, innovative and dramatic wedding photographers in Surrey and Sussex.” I just have to share this Wedding Photographer Gary Roebuck. I was on his website for almost 3 hours at one time. I love Wedding Photography, but when you know a professional … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips on your pretty pretty Wedding Flowers

Some fabulous Wedding flower top tips for you this Monday. The start of a great week ahead!! Hope you enjoy and please comment, I love hearing feedback xx Image Source 1, Image Source 2 Susanna from Tiger Rose: 1. Do some research before you meet with your florist, find out which flowers you like and whether they … Continue reading

Purple Grape Wedding Catering Top Tips

Purple Catering unleash their top savvy tips on choosing your wedding caterer and your wedding menu. Image Source 1, Image Source 2 1. Ask lots of caterers and don’t necessarily go for the cheapest! You might find that after you have paid the deposit and signed the contract hidden costs are added on for things … Continue reading

Beautiful peep toe with covered stone detail corsage

Image Source Every bride is adorned with beautiful jewellery and shiny new gifts for the home (some maybe duplicates) but one thing any chic savvy bride loves is a pair of shiny, clean, designer shoes! In fact designer they do not need to be. As tradition remains I present to you on this Tuesday shoesday … Continue reading

The Snugly Catering Company you wish you cuddled!

Today I introduce to you Purple Grape Catering who are an experienced, professional Foodie bunch of inventors and experimentalists.  Purple Grape Catering has recently been described as a catering company you just want to snuggle up to – I think that sums them up pretty well! They are a creative, innovative catering company dedicated to … Continue reading

Avoiding Bridezilla’s finest creation

We have compiled five simple tips for you to remain on the better side of a very stressed and emotional bride. Focus Maid of Honours, this is your lesson for survival! You may think, your best friend (newly engaged bride to be) is a sweet, lovely lady. But time will tell when that lovely sweet cherub turns … Continue reading

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