Pre-wedding Beauty Treatments

Image Credit Having glowing, rejuvenated skin, that glistens (not in the Twilight kind of way), radiates and truly empowers you as a bride is what will make you walk down that aisle with such confidence. Each photograph of the wedding day will be imaculate and flawless and absolutely perfect. What a cherry on top! Getting your skin … Continue reading

Question & Answer – Demanding Parents

“My parents want a different wedding to my hubby and I, how do we tell them we don’t want the whole traditional ceremony and the exquisite sit down meal?” – Layla, London.  Layla, whether you are an only child or not, your parents are likely to see your wedding day as the most proudest moment … Continue reading

A Wedding Coordinator? Yes Yes YES!

What is a wedding coordinator? A wedding coordinator is very different from a wedding planner. The planner plans and the coordinator ensures precision and timely effect. Do I need one? If you are already using a wedding planner then your planner should already offer this service. Plus it’s a wedding planners reputation on the line … Continue reading

Bridal Clinic

Q. “My budget is very small but I want my guests to have the time of their lives! What do I do?” – Adelle, Wedding Date September 2010 A. Hi Adelle, firstly it is important for you as a couple to decide which part of the wedding is the most important aspect. Is it the Ceremony? … Continue reading

Bridal Clinic!

Q – “My fiancé and I have two different images in our heads for our wedding day. How do we reach a compromise?” – Nicola, Wedding Date December 2010 A – Well the important part is that you want to reach a compromise. That’s step one! You both need to sit down and discuss who is … Continue reading

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