Pre-wedding Beauty Treatments

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Having glowing, rejuvenated skin, that glistens (not in the Twilight kind of way), radiates and truly empowers you as a bride is what will make you walk down that aisle with such confidence. Each photograph of the wedding day will be imaculate and flawless and absolutely perfect. What a cherry on top!

Getting your skin to look this dreams is not easy, and starting a regime early on will make all the difference. Follow this 12 month plan and radiate with pride! If there are any treatments you have not tried before, consult a professional and be cautious with products you have not used before.

Twelve Months
Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatments such as botox, Juvaderm and Restylane treatments.
Start any serious weight loss plans to gain the best from your diet as well as allow for some neglectful days

Twelve Weeks
Commence facial treatments to clear the pores and buff the skin. Facial treatments are advised every 4-5 weeks but not the days preceding the wedding as they can cause breakouts while clearing the skin.
Waxing of all necessary facial hair
Tip: Consult a beautician or your chosen makeup artist (if you have one) before having any skin treatments so you only have those that will suit your skin and won’t have any negative reactions.

Ten Weeks
Manicure/Pedicure – opt for a strengthening treatment while also having a full exfoliating and moisturising treatment of the arms and legs

Seven/Six Weeks
Have another facial and full body exfoliation is you feel you need it – plus it will be very relaxing (probably need it with all the organising!)
Follow up manicure/pedicure (especially if you have particularly weak nails and need another strengthening treatment)
Waxing of facial hair and legs

Four Weeks
Visit hairdresser and have any colouring or perm completed, but not any highlights if your hair grows quickly. Save that for two weeks before.
Hair deep treatments such as deep conditioning or heat treatments
Have a haircut if advised to create a clean look while giving your hair time to ‘settle’ before the wedding.
Have final makeup trials and purchase any products that may be required
If you are interested in teeth whitening then four weeks before the wedding is the ideal time to have any dental treatments completed whether it is topical treatments by the dentist or a full work of porcelain veneers
Botox treatments should be completed by the fourth week away from the wedding

One Week
Any final waxing treatments, eyebrows and upper lip are most important but we suggest underarm, leg, or bikini (especially if having a tropical holiday)
A light moisturising facial at least four days before to allow any redness to subside
Light spray tan, for best results have the tan sprayed two days before the wedding.
Tip: Do not use new treatments or products the week before your wedding, as you may not be completely sure of the reactions you may have to them.

Day before or Morning of the Wedding
Manicure/Pedicure in the colour that you wish to have for the day (French Manicure is the most popular for many brides)
Tip: Wear a shirt on the day of the wedding whilst getting ready, so not to disturb your hair and makeup.

If you are a D.I.Y kind of gal, then I have included this fab ‘at home French Manicure’ show reel. You can give yourself a sophisticated look without paying someone else to do it for you. Good luck and have fun.

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Best of luck!!

Rachyeta xxx

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