Beautiful peep toe with covered stone detail corsage

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Every bride is adorned with beautiful jewellery and shiny new gifts for the home (some maybe duplicates) but one thing any chic savvy bride loves is a pair of shiny, clean, designer shoes! In fact designer they do not need to be.

As tradition remains I present to you on this Tuesday shoesday these fantismal bridal shoes from The Bourne Collection. The white version is perfect for a bride but the gold, equally as stunning could be perfect for the mother of the bride. The fun thing with this Bridal shoe style is that they aren’t obviously for weddings, you could completely wear these to other soirees of your choosing. That is so important when us average jo’s spend a fortune on a pair of shoes, we like to their their full return.

“Marcy – Wedding: A beautiful peep toe platform in ivory with covered stone detail corsage. Upper: Leather. Lining: Leather/Textile. Sole: Leather. Heel height: 112mm. Bag match: Megan.”


I hope you enjoy these shoes, as they are a recent found love of mine!!!!!

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