Bargain – Wedding Planner for a portion of the price

The wedding planner inside me wants to tell you about a seriously life changing service I offer at ‘rs Wedding Consultants’ but the blogger part of me doesn’t want to sales pitch you this early in the morning. So instead, one of my lovely, wonderful, super excellent bride’s has volunteered to tell you how she benefited from the service.

“Hi Bridal Street Bride’s,

My name’s Catherine, and I married my wonderful husband Harry in Februry, early this year. And what a whirlwind that was.

As a bride, my main worries apart from whether I could afford my wedding day, was whether my wedding would be special and would my guests enjoy it just as much as I would. Not to mention whether I would be in auto pilot from shock and not remember the experience at all! Being a bride, exposes you to all sorts of insecurities, particularly being under the spotlight.

A quick google and a hop skip later (it was actually harder than I make it out), I found a service called ‘theme design’ which (who guessed it??) Rachyeta offered at ‘rs Wedding Consultants’.

Rachyeta understood all too well how important it was to create an ‘epic‘ wedding, those were her words exactly. And ultimately I wanted a lot from my day including a theme that would reflect Harry and I, I wanted our guests to have a brilliant time and remember our wedding as ours!

The theme design package was so easy, we filled in a friendly form detailing what our occupations are, how we met, our memorable songs, favourite colours, what we want and what we absolutely do not want to see at our wedding. The agonising part was waiting for the final proposal, but my was it a pretty sight when it arrived.

It had everything I knew it had plus tonnes more. Every detail from the design on the menu, the colour up lighting to the song for our first dance. The theme Rachyeta chose for us was a paradise dream theme, because our love story was something out of a dream! The place names were little puffy clouds, the set up was a light blue and pink infusion. Our favours were a mix of a thermometer shaped ginger biscuits and an aeroplane shaped biscuit, as I am a Doctor and Harry is a Pilot. So our guests took a little edible piece of us both home, although most of the favours were eaten by the end of the night. We had a dream reader, candles, lots of beautiful candles. It was a phenomenal night and as Rachyeta suggested, take the party outside, where the grounds were lit with candles and petals and it was just an image from a dream. Her venue suggestion was spot on and as I had wished, everyone had a blast!!

Thank you Rachyeta for baring with me and creating such a special and super day. xx”

Thank you so much Catherine for your fab write up, it brought a tear to my eye when first reading it. You were wonderful to work with. A true soppy one I am. xx

The Official Service
If you want that once in a lifetime dream wedding and you are looking for that super great theme to get started with, you are in the right place. At rs Wedding Consultants‘ we create, design and invent weddings and we can definitely create a theme that will be just right for you.

This package includes proposal ideas, local suppliers and approximate pricing. But mostly it would be like your very own Wedding Planner.

Price: £280 for one design proposal (£395 incl suppliers)

Please email us at for further details or to book in a theme design package. xx


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