Avoiding Bridezilla’s finest creation

We have compiled five simple tips for you to remain on the better side of a very stressed and emotional bride.

Focus Maid of Honours, this is your lesson for survival! You may think, your best friend (newly engaged bride to be) is a sweet, lovely lady. But time will tell when that lovely sweet cherub turns into the dinosaur of all Goliath’s

We don’t think you can go wrong to be honest, five simple rules, five simple tips, at least I didn’t name this post top 100 tips – now that would be a nightmare. Stay focused, stay true to who you are, and be the cushion that the bride will fall on when she needs to. Ooh and also, be resilient, be tough, she may lash out, she may get angry, but remain calm, you can see clearly!

Lesson number one: Always stay one if not two steps ahead of the game, strategically put everything in your calendar, ensure you calendar is synced with the Bride’s and anyone else’s involved. Bring the necessary notes and magazine clippings etc for each meeting. Probably best to organise a folder so you can just bring the whole file along each time. There isn’t anything worst than your maid of honour forgetting to attend a cake tasting or dress fitting or to choose the linens because the venue has seventeen different types. Being unorganised and a scatterbrain will only worry the bride, because she will feel she needs to do double to work to keep checking over your own responsibilities.

Lesson number two: Arriving to meetings, fittings, even the bride’s house on time is a stress-reliever on is own. Make sure you know what is going on, and when it is happening. Referring to Lesson number one, ensuring your calendars are up to date and all in sync. Even print off a timetable or schedule for upcoming meetings and tastings etc. The bride should not need to chase up her reliable team of helpers. Having good communication with eachother is key to not getting the wrong idea and going off on a tangent. Communicate through text, email, Skype, phone calls etc. Your options are limitless, welcome to the twenty first century.

Lesson number three: Preparation is key. Also referring to Lesson number one, create a file of notes, magazine clippings, articles and any questions you need to ask your suppliers. This will come hands when it comes to explaining to your design team what you are exactly looking for and want. If you have been given a title such as maid of honour then the first thing you need to do, is find out what it is that you are expected to do. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and help out in other area’s. There is a lot of work cut into planning a successful wedding and not everyone has the luxury of a professional to do it all for them. Be Efficient!

Lesson number four: This ties into always being a few steps ahead. Always have a contingency plan. Have a list of what if’s? I.e. If the distance between the ceremony and reception is walking distance – should unbrella’s be on hand incase of bad weather? If outdoor marquee, will heaters be needed? Ensuring you double check everything for the bride as a safety precaution is a must. Every bride, although cautious enough, sometimes when something is too good to refuse, the small print needs to be read over. Have your Bride’s Back at all times!

Lesson number five: Treat the Bride to a luxurious spa day or if you find a great deal, weekend! Doesn’t have to be a spa break, it could be anything to relax your bride, a home cooked meal, a night in with the girls etc. Let her know that if she is tired and overworked, she has a few people who are ready to ‘muck-in’. But try not to talk about wedding related things, focus should be on restoring energy, focus and revitalising.

I hope these 5 top tips keep you out of harms way and preps you for Best Maid Of Honour Award!! Fingers crossed xx

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