VIDEO: The Magnificent Flo & Percy reveal their top tips

Designer Kirstie Taylor top ten tips:

1. Always choose quality, it is more likely that someone will wear your jewellery or head piece again rather than your dress, so you want it to last forever.

2. Think about the look you want to achieve, glamourous, a statement, demure? Accessories can make or break the dress.

3. Quality costume jewellery will not catch your dress with sharp edges, examine your chosen pieces carefully.

4. If you have a headpiece make sure it is well clipped in and comfortable, don’t forget that you will be wearing it for a long period.

5. If you are wearing a side headpiece, make sure the piece shows on the right, this way all the congregation will see it when you say your vows as you will be standing on the left hand side of your groom.

6. When choosing a designer, always check out their past brides pictures, it will give you good ideas and inspiration, check testimonials too!

7. Match up your head piece with your dress and hair colouring not with your engagement ring!

8. Always ask for advice from your chosen designer, she or he will be used to accessorising dresses.

9. Make sure you order in plenty of time as lines get discontinued.

10. If you are wearing a head comb, check to see if your hair can hold it and if it stays in for a long period, it may need extra clips.


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