Who is Flo and Percy

Flo and Percy’s head designer Kirstie Taylor, gives us a little insight into what inspires her creations and how she approaches her clients. Kirstie designs accessories for brides and celebrities, with a vintage twang. She has been featured in bridal magazines and on national TV.

Vintage jewellery is my main inspiration for our designs but more recently I look at different things as I believe that the vintage bubble will soon burst! When coming up with a new collection, I have to work a year in advance, the first thing I have to do is try and  foretell dress trends for the next year. Wedding dress designers will take inspiration from mainstream fashion, so I have subscription for all the fashion magazines from Vogue to Looks magazine. My designs have to match the dresses so coming up with the right ideas is crucial.

When brides approach us with no idea of what they want, we try and find out as much information as we can from them, shape of face, colour and style of hair and of course the dress she has chosen. We don’t see a lot of our brides so most of this is done over email and on the phone. We have an incredibly patient and helpful small team here, we know what an important choice it is and we want to make sure that iwe give the very best advice we can. One reason for not having on -line shopping on our site is so we can have direct contact with every bride irrelevant of how small a purchase she is making, we want out customer service to shine through.


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