Top 12 Wedding Tips to stay above board

Here are some planning tips we have posted daily on our facebook page over the past few weeks. Check our our facebook page here.

Wedding Planning Tip #1 – Save money by using in-season Fruit and Vegetables in your menu.

Wedding Planning Tip #2 – D.I.Y. – Make your own invites, menus, place cards adding personal touches.

Wedding Planning Tip #3 Pick or design a cocktail drink that is the same colour as wedding theme, personalise it with a cocktail stick, and use it for your toast.

Wedding Planning Tip #4 Pick out of season dates to marry between October to March. These will have the most negotiable prices…

Wedding Planning Tip #5 It is really important to choose your ceremony and reception locations that are closely located. There should be a maximum travel distance of 30 minutes.

Wedding Planning Tip #6 Renting a Tux or a Bridal Gown is much more cost-effective than purchasing attire out-right. This can make a huge difference if you work out how much a gown costs and how much you can rent one for… Think about it. It makes sense.

Wedding Planning Tip #7 If you know someone is getting married in the same church after or before you, ask to share flower or décor costs. This can save a lot of money, particularly because Flowers are usually the most expensive. Save. Save. Save.

Wedding Planning Tip #8 Use the same flowers at the ceremony and reception – Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

Wedding Planning Tip #9 Instead of having to buy extortionately priced flowers, pick or purchase wild flowers, herbs, they will definitely fragrance the venue.

Wedding Planning Tip #10 Instead of Champagne, make personalised cocktails for the toast! Something Yummy and totally unique always does the trick! Add a little cocktail stick with a note stating “For the Toast”.

Wedding Planning Tip #11 Bake your own favours, give it your own touch – Maybe make it a fun Hen Party?

Wedding Planning Tip #12 Borrow Not Buy! Have a ruffle around at home, in your attic, in the garage for old cool things that can provide you with some great Old Ornaments for centrepieces or to decorate your venue with.

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