The Royal Wedding: Breakdown of Events

With everyone in awe of the royal wedding next month we all at rs weddings are joining in with the merriment as we await the whole wedding as it comes together, on Friday 29th April starting at 11am. And not because it will be a bank holiday!

Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have their own wedding website which you can go to for information on the big day, various things that are available to purchase after the day such as the Royal Wedding Music which will be recorded and immediately released.

Now I know you have all heard of wedding websites … But the royal couple already have one. And to think you guys purposely avoid listening to us planners for advice.

A few details we thought you should know.

  • The couple will travel separately to the wedding service using State Cars; these include two Bentley’s, three Rolls-Royces and three Daimlers.
  • Westminster Abbey is where the service will be held. This church had begun by Henry III in 1245; it is to this day an important gothic building. The church has been a coronation church since 1066, and a high priority to the monarchy. Only fitting for the next King and Queen?
  • The Procession, after the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, will take the couple past some of London’s most well-known landmarks to Buckingham Palace. Our Map is to come…
  • During the procession, the newlywed couple will ride in the 1920’s State Landau along the processional Route. There will be five horse-drawn carriages. The first will be the 1902 State Landau or Glass Coach (depending on the weather) carrying the Bride and Bridegroom. Behind the couple will be two Ascot Landaus carrying the Best Man, the Maid of Honour and the bridesmaids. Next in line is the Semi-State Landau carrying The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. And lastly, the Semi-State Landau carrying The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Mr and Mrs Middleton.

  • The wedding reception will be held at Buckingham Palace and hosted by Her Majesty The Queen.

These are the key parts of the wedding we wanted to share.

Two points I would like to relay as a wedding planner is I have to acknowledge the wedding website and their Charitable Gift fund. Firstly, Prince William and Catherine Middleton have used a wedding website to share their wedding information with us. Of course there is a certain security about the couple having their exact itineraries etc, but using a wedding website is a great tool to communicate last-minute changes to your guests or even having a secure place for your guests to stay tuned, especially if they lose your invite. Secondly, if you have everything you need and you don’t particularly want to end up with two toasters and 4 kettles, you can have a gift registry or a charity donation fund like the royal couple have. Gift registries and charitable funds cannot be put on the invitations themselves, so you rely on word of mouth or your wedding website.

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  1. bycostello says:

    or maybe even a face book page for the wedding….

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