Honeymoon Cocktail Recipe

There are three essential flavours to consider when it comes to concocting the perfect honeymoon cocktail.

Necessary Ingredients:

1/3 Serenity
1/3 Seclusion
1/3 Adventure

Recipe for success:

The right mix of ingredients is so important in your honeymoon cocktail, depending on you both as a couple obviously. This isn’t just another annual holiday. This is the start of your new adjoining lives together. And it should rightly Mark this milestone.

So when looking for a honeymoon destination – take a look at our post on the top 10 destinations for honeymooners. This will give you a rough idea if you are stumped for inspiration.

When narrowing down a destination, look at how long you both can take off work or away from any commitments, research what activities or resorts will allow you to rest or retire from the stressful wedding as well as have some fun and see some sights while you are at it. Don’t jump on an island for 2 weeks where you can see water all around you. After the first few days you are guaranteed to get a little bored.

“Shaken not stirred” – shake it up a little. There’s nothing wrong in being organised and punctual but go for that midnight stroll under the stars or visit that wonder of the world. Opt for a massage at the beach or whatever you wouldn’t usually do at home.

And it doesn’t hurt for the groom to have a couple of surprises up his sleeve that the dashing bride can await.

Infusion: What a lot of couples are doing and have done for years is dual-destination honeymoons. Uncommonly starting in the Maldives for some relaxation and complete alone time and then after rejuvenation has kicked in to fly off to somewhere like India, Sri Lanka or Thailand where they can have the first of many adventures together.

Give it a whirl!



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