A Wedding Coordinator? Yes Yes YES!

What is a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator is very different from a wedding planner. The planner plans and the coordinator ensures precision and timely effect.

Do I need one?

If you are already using a wedding planner then your planner should already offer this service. Plus it’s a wedding planners reputation on the line if after 9 months of constant planning and organisation, everything falls apart on the actual day. Most wedding planners would most definitely be there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The same case could indeed happen to yourself. After a lifetime of dreaming and a year of planning yourself, you don’t want it all to go to waste on the wedding day. This doesn’t mean you have to pay an extortionate amount of money. Wedding coordinators usually work by the hour so it’s a small price compared to catastrophic disaster on the most memorable day of your lives.

If you are thinking about giving this role to your mother or friend or someone responsible then just think about how little they will be able to enjoy your wedding. Or how upset you will be with them if something goes wrong….

How do I choose a wedding coordinator?

Ideally they should do this as a business and have experience in this field.

You are looking for someone who is articulate, professional, organised and authoritative.

But above all, ensure they understand your vision and understand you. They are like your wedding planner you need to be able to trust they can get the job done! So take your time in deciding.

When do I get one?

This varies depending on coordinator but most will require they have a few months before the wedding to prepare themselves and get up to speed with your years worth of planning as well as liaising with all your suppliers.

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