Top Tips for Wedding Planning Bliss!!

As our first blog entry at rs weddings, we thought we should start by giving some very straightforward advice on the start of a wedding planning process – just to mark the beginning of a whirlwind flame that is our blog. Here are our 5 top tips for achieving greatness, or rather staying sane:
1. Prioritise what is most important to you as the Bride and Groom. If it is the marriage ceremony, then spend your budget accordingly, making it the priority for the day. If it is however, the celebration of the wedding with friends and family, then ensure you spend to make this part of the wedding the most taken care of.
2. Money Matters! When it comes to setting your initial budget, the most important piece of advice I can give you is do not go way over your head. Discuss with each set of parents who is going to chip in. Remember that the more financial help you have from others the more they will have a say in the use of their money. Set aside a wedding fund of what you can afford to realistically spend and set aside an amount of your salaries per month into this fund. Perhaps maxing out credit cards and starting married life in debt isn’t the best way to go.
3. The dress!! The way you feel on your wedding day, when you walk down the aisle to your groom – is what makes the 12 months or so of planning all worth it. The wedding gown should make you feel elegant, vibrant and on top of the world. Because let’s face it – bridezilla aside, this is the most important day that most young girls dream about and you should feel like nothing can stop you. All eyes on you!
4. Personalise, Personalise, Personalise!! Your wedding is entirely your day, so it should reflect the bride and groom! So think about little ways to remind your guests so they have something to talk about and remember for years to come. Whether its the entertainment, the song you walk down the aisle to, the favours or the theme of your reception.
5. Support group. Stress, anxiety, breakdowns are among some of the roller coaster emotions you will find yourself feeling throughout your wedding planning experience. Wrangle up some of your most responsible and reliable friends and family to be a part of your bridal party i.e. maid of honour, brides maids etc. They should be able to support you and be your backbone when things go ‘south’! Having a solid group of familiar and warm faces can help lift the dark days and inspire you! Keep your friends close and your bridal party closer!!
Above all, being engaged is a wonderful time where everything is new and exciting. Enjoy the experience and have the time of your life!!
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