Inspiration Board: Purple Pleasures

Brides should not be afraid of pushing the boundaries. If Queen Victoria could bring in the White bridal gown, why can’t you bring in the Purple?!
Inspiration boards are great fun to make for the ‘oh so creative’ and great to look at for the creatively-impaired. They allow you to develop a theme from a starting idea, whether its the colour purple or a hobby for films!
Most brides have scrap books, where they jot down ideas and keep torn out magazine cuttings. There is so many ideas they don’t really correlate into anything constructive – except a huge file that causes back ache to carry around. Whereas, the beautiful inspirational board does what it says in the title – it inspires you. Looking at it, is like picturing your wedding day. From the invitations that go out three-six months ahead of time to the moment you walk down the isle in that gorgeous purple velvet coloured dress; even the groom has a little bit of purple, so to not upstage the bride. You can smell the lilac, pastel and white coloured flower’s as they surround you on the day. The cocktail reception where your guests are greeted with customised purple cocktails in coordination to your entire day. White and purple elegant table settings and the Cake!!!! My mouth waters in the thought!
Come on Brides! BE BRAVE!!!

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