Bridal Clinic!

Q – “My fiancé and I have two different images in our heads for our wedding day. How do we reach a compromise?” – Nicola, Wedding Date December 2010
A – Well the important part is that you want to reach a compromise. That’s step one! You both need to sit down and discuss who is paying for what. Draw up a list of things that are important to each of you. When you do this decide upon which of these aspects will not completely diminish your budget. Don’t necessarily say ‘no’ to those small things that will personalise your wedding day and make it your own.
But be realistic! Don’t have ice sculptures, or have a wine fountain on each table if your budget doesn’t allow it! This may just overcrowd your guests and take the attention off the bride and groom.
Starting a marriage is going to be a lot of give and take. Treat the wedding planning process as a learning curve! And if all else fails hire a wedding planner!! 😉
I don’t know your budget requirements, your vision or even your religious take on weddings so I cannot say what you should and should not do. Although I can tell you want to meet half way and I don’t think it will be difficult. Eventhough it is usually all about the bride, and the wedding usually goes her way – but now times are changing and the modern man wants to share this day along side his bride with his own personal touches!
Good luck xx
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