Alternative Wedding Centrepieces

Well I SAY!! I must have the best job in the whole entire world! Look at what I unearthed. Who said there’s only one type of centrepiece for a wedding .. Flowers?! I see very few flowers in this post!
When a guest of yours walks in to your reception venue it is a must that you capture all their senses. From the aroma of the scented candles or flowers, to the lighting and soft music welcoming them in to the eye catching centrepieces they will gaze at all night long at their table.
There are some key features to think about when it comes to your centrepieces.
1. Ensure they aren’t too big so your guests can’t converse with the other guests at the table
2. From a videographers point of view, ensure it doesn’t cover tables and your guests faces (unless that’s the theme)
3. Make it exciting to look at – and if not exciting – Make it Beautiful! So if your guests aren’t amazed by how it was made or the complete concept they are glaring at how spectacular they are.
And if you are trying to create a tantalising experience for your guests try being different.

If you still feel like having nature present at your wedding have some twig trees decorated with some sequin or beaded strings or using herbs to give out that scent and look pretty. Don’t be like the last eight weddings I have been to.

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